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Full-service property management with a personal touch

Donna Erf opened MTD Property Management in 1996. After spending 1988 to 1996 with another firm, she had decided to give it a shot on her own. For two years, Donna operated MTD from the basement of her home. Without a fancy office or an extensive staff, she had to rely on other things to attract owners – and residents – to her business. So she made personal service and scrupulous attention to customer needs her hallmark.

Some things never change – luckily

In 2005, MTD moved its office to 4505 N Lincoln Avenue after operating from the Byron Street location since 1998. What began as a one person office now boasts a professional staff of over ten.

MTD has grown significantly and added some very nice properties to its portfolio. But some things haven’t changed since the basement days. Personal service and a focus on catering to our customers’ requirements are still the cornerstones of our business. Because we found out fast that those are the things that make our clients successful. And when our clients are successful, so are we.